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Homeward Bound

August 4, 2008

My day started at 4am with the horrid sound of my alarm reminding me that it was time to leave my mountainous desert home away from home. Going through the airport security line I really feel like a bunch of backwoods hillbillies are in charge and they don’t like none of our fancy talkin and new found technology. Take off them shoes, take that puter out of your bag wheres we can see it. God damn, someone has to stand up and say THIS IS RETARDED! Other countries are laughing at us for the love of god please will someone please step in.
So anyway, sitting at the terminal waiting for the plane I was watching all the people and it’s always the same people. You have fancy business dude in a suit and the newest fancy phone, talking into a bluetooth about how important he is and typing on a laptop becuase he just has to get all this work done right here in this airport right now. You have the lady with 16 bags and somehow she gets away with getting on the plane with them all. Then there’s the lady walking around in a dress with it tucked into her panties, not the back but the front. Oh yeah, I saw that today. I also saw a fancy mom and her son walking very fast and he tripped on his flip flop and he ate it. I laughed out loud at that one.
I hate flying because its like a dirty air bus and I always fall asleep and jerk away and it’s embarrasing and im a private sleeper so it’s even worse. Today however I didn’t do the jerk but twice the person behind me sneezed and made me jump out of my skin and woke me up.
Bill was waiting for me at the baggage claim and we were 2 happy people. I squeezed his meat and we were off to lunch. We ran into a guy we know and he had his 4 month old baby boy there so we got to play with a little baby for awhile and it was nice.
We came home, got the kids, had some ice cream and now here I am in bed with my man, funyuns, and some sweet hostess cupcakes.

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