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road trippin with my friend

August 7, 2008

so bill and I went to ny yesterday to a casino in Verona. He had a gig and I went along. It took us 7 freakin hours to get there and about 5 hours in squire shit his pants. For real. he had to go into a gas station and put on new underwear. He ended up leaving his old underwear hidden behind the toilet. someone had a bad day at work. So we get to the casino and in the parking lot bill really starts to think he is going to have to poop in the parking lot. it was a long way into the building and he doesn’t think he can make it. So he stopped like a little kid who is playing, stops and makes the poop face and then continues on his way. He waddled into the hotel as quick as he could with he cheeks clenched just as tight as he could get them. He ran into the bathroom did what he came to do and then immediately got in the shower.
Then we go down to the show and stopped off at the casino part first. The slots didn’t take cash so you had to go up to the cage, put cash on a card and then you put the card into the machine. Then the machines wouldn’t take the stinkin cards so you had to take them out and put them in about 100 times before it would accept the card. So then we start to play and the machines suck. You cannot win 3 nickels. Also the casino didn’t have a liquor license. You could bring your own stuff in though. So Bill and went upstairs had some wine and passed out. We’re very exciting. We woke up and drove home today and it’s a damn long ride man. I’ll tell you what though, we’re 2 damn fools bill and i. thats why we get along so well.

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