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other peoples conversations

August 13, 2008

I always seem to be in a place where no matter what I hear other people’s conversations and it’s usually awesome.
Yesterday I was in target and there was a lady with her 3 kids and her mom shopping for school supplies. The lady was complaining about her kids and then mom said something like well you have a lot more years to be driven crazy like this just like you did to me. The daughter got so mad and yelled at her mom, you’re driving me crazy today and if you don’t shut your mouth im dropping you off!
Then this morning I was getting some bagels and I was over by the drinks making some tea and I hear this dude say to his lady you know, im glad she dumped him. He was always lying to her telling her that he was a motivational speaker. He said that he traveled the county giving speeches and she believed him. He didn’t go anywhere, he was just cheating on her.
Sometimes I really feel like im invisible and I get to have this little peek into peoples lives. Maybe its just to make me feel like im not so crazy.

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