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place space and traces

October 11, 2008

I am in Columbus this weekend and i was walking down the street last night on this unusually warm october night and i started thinking. i’ve been to a lot of places so far in this life.
I spent my 19th birthday in the southern mountains of arizona with joshy jarvis and bre.
I lived in Houston and one of the best things about that city is the museums. They have really great ones. In New Orleans I have danced, learned, and drank. In New orleans I have also gotten mugged, fought with a crazy bum, and drove home with a hangover. Thankfully these all weren’t in one trip.
You know I’ve been no stranger to Orlando.
I have wandered new york city in all the seasons but fall is my favorite.
I have seen the big shiny bean in Chicago.
I ate some cuban breakfast in Miami.
I have see the lights in Vegas and escaped them by way of the red rock canyon.
I have seen the big fish thrown through the air at Pikes Place Market in Seattle.
Sat in josh’s backyard in Portland.
I have seen every mile of the oregon coast.
I jumped off a cliff into Crater Lake in Oregon.
I laughed in the Redwoods on misty mornings.
I have camped with my best friend in Santa Barbara and proceeded to get rip roaring drunk.
I have layed on venice beach, spied on celebrities in santa monica and smelled the tar pits on labrea.
I missed a plane in San Diego.
I have spent time in the ATL with the lester clan.
I have watched the icy falls of niagara in february.
I have tracked up 40 steps in newport, ri.
I hope everyone has wanderlust and I know I do.

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