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i hate call centers

October 13, 2008

Sweet jesus i can’t stand calling into a call center and trying to talk to people. nothing will make me change into a crazy person faster than calling into a call center because there is something wrong with my internet or cable and trying to explain to these indian jackasses what is going on. I randomly came across this …
All this guy wanted to do was cancel AOL. Have any of you ever tried to cancel AOL? It’s miserable. MISERABLE.
When strauss makes me call the att dudes I get mad, throw the phone, and i am a horrible troll to this people. I hate them. Im sorry that they have to work that job.
aside from that I have had a headache since saturday and it’s really bringing me down. I skipped class to come home and lay in bed. I am so tired but I can’t sleep cause it hurts.
Remember I said that I had something to write but I couldn’t figure out what it was?
Well I still don’t know.
Bill has his CD recording on Friday so if you’re reading this, you should come. It’s going to be a good show plus I’ll be there and Im a damn good time.
Is anyone else sad that hef and the girls broke up? I know I am.
So this past weekend I went with my friend wilhelmina to help her in her booth at the Universal Light Expo. We had a good time. There were many weirdos. The guy 2 booths down did some kind weird massage in which he lays you on the table but then crawls on top of his clients and twists are whirls the client and himself all around. All for the bargin price of $49 for 20 mins. The show was in columbus and god, what a different feeling than cleveland. Columbus feels like it actually sustains life. There were people outside and people living there and working there and shopping. In cleveland, no one lives in the city. There is no life. You can feel it in the air that it’s dead. There is no industry, no jobs and without that there no reason to live here. What is holding people here? Relationships I guess, but can’t we all move somewhere that we can prosper? What opportunities could possibly be here? I am really feeling lost but what the hell else is new? Do you think that once we actually do find our peace that’s when we up and die?
Ah finally happy, finally settled, finally peaceful.
Oh shit.

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