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Floor Model Television

October 23, 2008

Everyone I know used to have a floor model tv back in the day. These giant things were the worst. First they would have that little side door that you could swing open and fix color and balance and stuff but someone would always leave it open and then the dog or your drunk dad would walk by and knock it off. Then the color was always bad so you’d have to bang the side a million times before it would click back on. Sometimes the entire picture would go off except for a little line in the center. It had 2 knobs but no one ever knew what the hell the second one was for like it was some mystery from before our time but also before the new tv’s came out without knobs. I remember we had one floor model that actually had a remote, a clicker if you will. It was a fat square with 4 clicking buttons. I never knew where we got the floor models either but every couple years we’d get a “new” one that was actually someones old hand me down floor model.
Then the new tv’s started to come out. The ones that didn’t require sitting on your floor but it was before we had media centers or the need for one so we’d just set the new tv on top of the old tv. The old tv was the first media center. You know you all had this system in your living rooms and basements. You know it.

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