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i don’t know, maybe their heads got ran over by a garbage truck

October 22, 2008

and that’s why they’re so GOD DAMN NARROW.
I am so sick of these crazy religious people and all their holier-than-thou bullshit.
I believe in freedom. Freedom of religion and freedom to make your own choices. Where is all the peace, love, and acceptance or is that only for those who believe and act just as you do?
I am raising my girls to believe that everyone is equal. They are told what I believe and they are also told there are other ways, other beliefs and they can figure out what rings true TO THEM and follow their own path. They are told that they should treat people how they would like to be treated. They have freedom to say how they feel without fear that they shouldn’t.
I don’t understand for the life of me why when people are involved in a church (not all people) they think their way is the only way. I wonder, do these people ever ask questions? Do they ever wonder why they are going to this church or do they just do it because their parents did and they, along with the church has scared them to death with all the threats that they are too afraid to not go?
I don’t know why you would want to be a part of something that threatens you with a vengeful god or repercussions for not going to church or watching porn or masturbating or swearing or or or or or or the list goes on so long it’s ridiculous.
I don’t understand it at all, but if it’s what you believe then I respect it.
If you find something you truly believe that’s great but i don’t get why they can’t accept anyone else for who they are or what they believe.
If you go to a church but look down on everyone else because they don’t think and act like you you are an asshole.
If you go to church on Sunday but then Monday it’s back to gambling, drinking, drugs, and beating your kids but think it’s ok because you go to church again on Sunday and are forgiven, you are an asshole.
If you think my girls are going to grow up to be nothing because they don’t go to your church,
then shame on you.

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