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didn’t i used to know you?

October 30, 2008

Isn’t it weird as we get older we leave a trail of people we used to love behind us?
old friends, old boyfriends just scattered and with them pieces of who we used to be. It’s weird. If you followed that trail you could probably remember who you were when you were 16. It’s weird to see my old boyfriends on myspace with their lives and their wives. Do you ever look in on your ex’s and think, god that could have been my life. Im really happy that the ones that I really loved are happy and have good wives. I’d hate to see them married to a bunch of stank bitches. There are so many people that we let know us so intimately and then we just move on. Im not just talking sex, great friendships too- you spend so much time and life and love with people and before you know it they just aren’t in your life anymore for whatever reason. We must have some kind of other place in our brain for these memories because if we thought about the potential loss we face when we love someone i don’t think we’d ever do it again.
For all those who I have loved and have loved me back-

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