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Captains bLog Day 2- Vegas

November 23, 2008

Listen my body will not adjust to Pacific Time. I was up at 5:30 this morning just ready to go. We waited outside Starbucks waiting for it to open up like we were a couple of Pavlov’s dogs.
We went to see Twilight at the Palms and though I haven’t read the book I have to admit I liked the movie and I will read the stinkin books now.
By the time we got back to the hotel it was 3 so we hung out for awhile and then decided to put real shirts on (in the words of the old man gnome- that’s what you get for these prices!) and go out to dinner and then go to a lounge.
We drove over to Bellagio, which was a real hassle because we got behind the strip somehow and it was all construction and we couldn’t see. Finally we pulled into the parking garage and the attendant says to us, you know your lights aren’t on? So we sat there like 2 assholes and tried to figure out how to turn them on. Finally the attendant had to reach into our shiny little prius and turn them on for us. We then proceeded to drive around the parking like 16 times trying to figure out how the hell to get past level one. We gave up and parked in the forbidden level one and went in. We were headed to Olives only to discover they had nothing we wanted. So we walked around and decided they had nothing in the whole place we wanted to eat so we went back to the car to head to NY NY for Italian eats. It was real tasty and I got nervous I was so full. We walked back out to the car again and headed back to Treasure Island. When we finally arrived we said fuck the lounge and got a 32-ounce crystal skull mug full of rum and frozen coke and wasted $20 each on some bullshit slots.
It is currently 9:07 pm Las Vegas time. Where am I you ask?
In my bed, in my pj’s. See you at 5:30 am.

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