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i hate that snuggie commercial

December 3, 2008

does anyone have it all? If so who the hell are these people? To me it seems life is a trade off. If you have a great love then you don’t have any money. If you have money you can’t find anyone good to love. If you have a great body then you’re stupid. The list goes on and on. I hate these people who have glittery blinking graphics that say I love my life! or Loving Life as a Mommy and a Wife. Gimme a god damn break please. Anyone who has to convince the world of their over the moon happiness by way of glitter graphics has something going on they are trying to cover up.
If i had a glitter graphic it would be honest and say
I love my husband but I don’t have money to buy toilet paper.

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  1. mollymc permalink
    December 4, 2008 1:12 am

    The glittering blinking graphic is the modern day “proud parent” bumper sticker…no worries. Helpful hint from Heloise-steal toilet paper from bars, restaurants.

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