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January 13, 2009

When Renner and I went to Las Vegas she forced me to go see Twilight. I had no interest or desire to read or watch such bullshit.
I watched the movie and I liked it ok, I thought it was long but it was ok. The film color was beautiful and some of the shots were amazingly green and being shot in one of my favorite places on earth I was happy to look at it.
When we got home she forced me to read Twilight and then I had to finish the rest of the books after I started it.
I went to see Twilight again after reading books 1-3 and I was shit my pants excited. It was like seeing it for the first time through the eyes of a crazy Twilight fan. Seeing the characters onscreen maybe me do a happy dance in my seat. That night I had to beg renner to come meet me to bring me the last book because I had to read it immediately. By the time it was over I went to a sad place because my adventures in Forks, WA were over.
All I’m saying is that she wrote a fantastical story and that transcends age. The soundtrack is fun as well and I can’t stop listening to Never Think. I am a fool for a good vampire love story. I am a girl and I don’t care.
By the way, the guy who played Jacob Black got resigned for the next movie. Why don’t you go ahead and watch this video?
I realize this makes me a dirty old lady but come on.

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