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Sometimes I wish I could roar like a lion

January 12, 2009

Think of the awesome shit you could do if you had a lion roar.

1. When your black lab is being an asshole and jumping all over you, you just roar and he falls down and whines and starts to be a good boy cause he has no idea what the fuck just happened.

2. When you’re stuck behind some son of a bitch who’s trying to turn left when all you want to do is turn right you could get out of your car, knock on their window and when they roll it down, just roar so loud it blows their hair back and makes their cheeks wiggle.

3. When your kids are fighting and acting damn fools in the backseat and you can’t reach to beat whoever you can get, just roar and scare them silent.

4. When you’re at work and you’re in the middle of doing six things already and your boss asks you to do six more.

I mean that’s all I can think of right now but I know that on more than one occasion I have seriously thought, man I wish I could roar like a lion and that my friends is not what I call normal.

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