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Halfway House

January 21, 2009

10 years ago I started having babies. I knew what babies needed, how to hold them, what to do with them. I have come to realize now as all my friends are having their babies that I have apparently forgotten everything I knew. When my kids were babies, I was the only one with kids and now there is a freakin baby explosion. I love babies, especially little girl ones ( i am partial) and I love buying baby gifts. I thought i was good at it but as I wandered Babies R Us with gift registry in hand I realized that I look like a clueless man. I could not understand one thing on the registry and I could not figure out what to buy, what matched, what a new mom would want or need. I have kids, i should know this but I don’t. I can’t believe how retarded I am.
I feel like someone who is 30 who never had kids, but just runs a halfway house for a few really annoying orphans.

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