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February 22, 2009

I think the reason I haven’t been posting many blogs lately is first because I was in las vegas for about 6 weeks and then bill has been on the road with the laptop and I do not want to sit downstairs at the desk and write. I keep forgetting funny things I want to write all on account of being a lazy piece of shit.
I still need someone to make me a website. Come on friends. Many people read this and no one knows anyone??
Im watching the oscars and boy do they suck but you can’t not watch. I am twittering comments back and forth with my twitter community. It’s pretty funny.
my squire finally came home today only for a couple days and then he is back on the road. bbbooooo.
Anyway, I forget all my good stories but fal made me laugh yesterday. I heard her and J arguing and fal shut the fight down by saying, “shut up ugly”. You can’t top that.
Oh holy hell. I took the girls roller skating yesterday for the first time and it was hilarious. The place looked just like it would have looked when I was a kid. We went to collect our nasty ugly brown rental skates and had to turn our shoes into a boy who looked like a parody of an emo dude. long black asymetrical hair, black eyeliner, red eye shadow, girl shirt and a lip piercing. It was painful how retarded he looked. Then my god could the music be any louder? So the kids put skates on and immediately the falling starts. If you know me you know that I cannot take someone falling. It’s too hilarious. So I felt bad and went and got a pair of skates for myself to help them. Holy shit, I forgot how to skate. Those bitches are heavy!
So Skylar and I went around once screaming the whole time. Toward the end she just layed in the middle of the floor swearing that her leg vein was busted. Then I grabbed j and the three of us went around and I had to drag 2 kids behind me. Both of them kept crying. When it was time to go I couldn’t find J so I went to the edge of the rink to see if she was out there when it happened. Just standing there on my skates looking for my kid my ankle gave out and I started to go down but I tried to catch myself which just made the fall last longer. I looked like I was playing twister. I went down hard and didn’t think I was going to be able to get back up.
Im too old to ask for skates from a girl boy and then try to skate around in a circle while screaming, TURN DOWN THE MUSIC!

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