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Elevator Excuses

February 23, 2009

To get up to the KSU main hall you must first walk a giant parking lot and then hike up a mountainous hill to get to the front door. Once you get in there you then have to climb many stairs to get where you’re going. Both of my classes in this building are on the 3rd floor. After hiking all that way sometimes I just can’t face those stairs and I turn to the elevator. I stand in a group with the other fat kids that are not taking the stairs. When the elevator finally gets there we all pile in and then look at each other, just ashamed to be on this damn ride. Then the excuses start.
I have asthma.
I twisted my knee.
I have the trots.
Then my turn comes along and everytime I just lay it all out on the line.
Oh, Im just lazy, no one needs to hear my wheezing for half the class trying to catch my breath.

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