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son of a bitch scrabble

March 10, 2009

I’ve been off video games since the days of super nintendo and it’s not just because i don’t understand the controllers 34 buttons and the fact that watching sonic the hedgehog made me sick so I certainly can’t be watching Grand Theft Auto.
The real reason is because I turn into a raging manic. I will jerk the controller around in fits. If anyone is in the room they will be subjected to both verbal and physical abuse and god help you if you EVEN suggest you can help me in my quest to defend the old dragon or whatever the hell I was trying to save the princess from. I would get into fist fights with my brothers over video games. When I got older and got the super nintendo in my room I would be entranced into Super Mario 2 or 3 which ever one you could grow a coon tail and fly. I wouldn’t eat. I was a nintendo zombie. I forced myself to quit and never returned to the land of graphics and suspense.
Until last night.
I couldn’t sleep due to my crazy pills. I had a bad reaction yesterday and was just AWAKE. So Bill was playing scrabble on his ipod touch. After watching forever, I just grabbed that shit right out of his hand and played for like the next 4 hours. This is not normal. No one should need scrabble like that. That’s not where this story ends my friends.
I dreamt about playing freakin scrabble. I woke up with a yearning for that crazy letter board and today, I discovered I could buy it for my phone. You know i did, but now there is something else pulling at my soul. When I was looking at the games I could get for my phone, CLUE is on there!
Im doomed. If I don’t write again soon just remember me fondly.

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