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girl accidentally poops

March 15, 2009

I will never understand why the hell people search this all over the world and come to my blog. Is this a fetish thing? I mean I know my fair share of people who have accidentally shit themselves and it’s hilarious everytime but I don’t want to search for it on google.

Skylar had a grand thought the other day. We were eating a little Cherry Garcia and she asked why the container is so small and I told her that it only comes in the pint size. She thought about it and then said, you know what Obama should call them and tell them they need to make bigger cartons.
Forget stimulus, it’s time for the love of ben and jerrys to be spread to the american people.

I had this idea to start making some greeting cards today and I made three different ones and I tell you what that shit made me laugh hard.

Here’s one:

It wasn’t really the dog that ate your sandwich.

Sorry Dude.

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