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Change is in the Air

April 2, 2009

Things are not working out for me as planned and I think it’s proof I should make no more plans. The hint im getting is IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON. We have to make some decisions soon and figure out what it is we’re supposed to be doing next. All I know is writing is the only thing that moves me, motivates me, and keeps me awake at night thinking. I think of the words and I compose things in my head.
Can I get paid to make parties, clean my house, and write? I’d be happy.
I think it’s really weird how some people are totally happy getting an ordinary job, settling in a house and a plain town and living there until they die with no thought to aspire to do something else. I mean Im just a regular lady but Im not happy about it. I’ve tried to just be normal but it doesn’t work for me man.
So I have to believe something cool is still coming.

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  1. Steph permalink
    April 3, 2009 9:08 am

    you probably won’t like this but the reason plans change for you is because you give up on everything you try as soon as it doesnt go your way. if you work at something, you have an outcome, but you work for a month then quit. shit doesnt work that way. everyone who has success worked for it, it doesnt come overnight. you need patience, as much as it sucks, but its the only way you are going to accomplish any goal.

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