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Pretty Sure I Have NO Goals

May 5, 2009

I read an article recently about, well actually I forget what it was about but I remember something it said. It said in order to get what you want you have to know what you want and you have to visualize it and then you will get it. Well maybe it said you might get it but anyway the point is I have no goals. I have no idea what the hell to visualize which means I will get nothing and that is TRUE because I have nothing. I need to figure out what my goals are and then make it happen but the problem there is how exactly do you figure out just what the hell it is you want? I can tell you what I don’t want.

1. Don’t want to live in Ohio. I hate cold shitty winter with no great nature as a payoff when the weather does finally get nice.

2. Don’t want to ever have to “punch a time clock”. I can’t handle having to be somewhere at a certain time and for a certain amount of time. I do what I want.

3. Don’t want to be a poor bastard. I need coin.

Ok so I have less don’ts than I expected. Let’s try to figure out the wants.

1. Decide on a major so I can finish my Bach in the next 2 years.

2. Move somewhere sweet. Portland? Austin?

3. Write something. Book? Article? More Greeting Cards?

4. Buy a house in said sweet yet undecided city.

Ok so that doesn’t seem out of the question but figuring out what direction to go is really pissing me off. I’m all about like making a plan but school is one place where I cannot plan to save my life so here’s what im thinking. Maybe I just commit to the General Studies degree, take what interests me and then just see where I land. I can’t sit through one more class where I want to kill myself and I never pay attention and generally just don’t even go to class. I guess that sounds like a plan.

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  1. May 7, 2009 12:42 am

    Ok, I had the same issues with goal setting for a long time. Here are some things I have learned that should help you out. First, just pick something and DO IT! Don’t just sit around and make lists of things you want to do. Also, don’t sit and ponder how in the world you will accomplish a huge task. This not only is a waste of time, but it also will overwhelm you. You could start with something simple. I amaze people with this one. When I am going somewhere, I visualize that I’m going to get a great parking space. Most of the time I get the closest or one of the closest spaces to the entrance of where I’m going. This works for red lights (think of getting green ones), getting to work on time and having other pleasant experiences in places you go. Focus on the positive always. If you are constantly thinking about being late for work or that you ALWAYS hit the red lights or that the kids are going to be a pain in the ass or that the waitress is going to screw up your order and give you poor service, then the universe will respond in kind. One of the key things in this is to know what you don’t want, but DO NOT focus any thought or energy on it. If you continually are focusing on that which you do not want these things will multiply. I know that was a bit redundant, but I can’t stress this enough. When you are trying to pick a larger goal, make sure you are clear on what you do want and focus on that. Sometimes you just have to leap, take that simple first step and have faith that everything will turn out ok. Things will always start to fall in line once you get the ball rolling and keep that positive outlook. And, always keep in mind that there is NO failure. If you do something and it doesn’t work out as planned, look for the lesson in it. Also try not to set too many expectations. If you are clear enough on what you ask for, you will get what you need. So, maybe start by doing some research. Find people online somewhere that you might want to live and start talking to them. Pick their brains on local culture, things to do, etc. Pick an interesting class and take it. Even if it is not related to a particular degree you think you might want to obtain. Who knows, you might find a new path from it. I personally don’t have much interest in getting a degree. I think that you should learn for the sake of learning, not for a piece of paper that states you took some classes and tests and passed them. I my line of work, I deal with many people that have degrees and computer certifications and they are compete dumb asses. They should know how to do these things but they only learned enough for the sake of taking a test and then they don’t retain any of it. But, if you have a career path in mind that requires a degree, and this career is something you enjoy, then by all means, get the degree. If you also operate out of this mindset, you will actually like to learn what you are learning. So, you will study more and retain more. If you want to write more, use your blog. Even if nobody ever reads it, at least you have exercised your ability to do so. Sign up for Google Adsense or the Yahoo Publisher network and put some ads on your blog to generate that coin. This works hand and hand with your blog posts. The more you post, the higher your page ranking will be in Google and Yahoo search. Hence, generating more visits and more coin. Eventually that will take care of the time clock punching. You can also create other blogs with different, interesting, addictive content that link to yours and link back to them from this site (check out, and to see what I mean). This will also increase your page ranking and relevance to peoples search. You can find a wealth of information on affiliate marketing on YouTube. Also, watch the movie The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know. These will both give you a better understanding of the law of attraction and some of the scientifically proven concepts of Quantum Physics.

    So, I have offered some suggestions on things to do to the ball rolling. By all means don’t try and do all of them at once. Pick one thing and do it. If you aren’t satisfied with the result, then re-think what you asked for re-craft your desire and intention and try doing it a bit differently. Once you are satisfied with the result then pick something else.

  2. May 10, 2009 11:51 pm

    manifest a miracle

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