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A Single Bed Means Don’t Sleep in it with Your Husband

April 30, 2009

 I got in from Portland Monday night and by 4:30 I was up again in my Mr. Potato Head pants crashed in the backseat of of a Ford Taurus headed for nyc. Bill had his Live at Gotham set on Wed so we went out a day early to hang out. We stayed in a real cute neighborhood in Chelsea at a place called The Jane. It’s a super sweet old building and it housed the Titanic survivors until the investigation of the crash was over. Listen, I’ve been in the rooms at the Jane and I’m willing to bet that those survivors were super pissed that they escaped a horrific death and ended up in a hotel whose rooms were designed to look like ship cabins. 50 sq ft rooms that you can’t turn around it without wiping your ass all over the mirror wall. It’s super cute but don’t try to sleep in there with another human. Also if you stay there, there are a couple things you need to know. There are SRO for rent there which means strange stinky poor people live in this hotel and tend to leave their doors cracked so you can see them sleeping like corner bums. The bathrooms are communal and most of the time ok, but one in the middle of the night smelled like a nyc bum and a 100 degree days who fuckin died 3 weeks ago. Also, people who live there like to protest the hotel outside for some reason. 

Oh, one more thing, the elevator is original to the building and must be operated by a dude in a cap and Michael Jackson coat not your husband. We got in there and he started hand cranking it and then we couldn’t open the door to get out and then he hit the fire alarm switch and a lady outside the door started to scream. That was within the first 5 minutes of being there. 

The rest of the trip was pretty fun, we ate and while eating we planned what we would eat next. There is too much beautiful food in that town. 

Here are some tasty links… Get your pierogis here. Get your frozen hot chocolate here.

So Bill Squire did his Live at Gotham yesterday. He did great even though he is insane and thinks it was just ok. Hopefully you guys will see him on Comedy Central soon. Also we hung out with Zachariah and went to some fun stores. He will be home for the month of June so I’ll have to try to get some more ZD time. 

Up next, I believe CHICAGO. Joie tell that baby I’m coming to hold her little ass.

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  1. May 6, 2009 8:25 am

    So happy for Bill getting to do Live at Gotham. Can’t wait to see him on t.v.

    The Jane sounds very interesting. They have a cool website. Last time Joe and I were in NYC, we stayed at the Moderne. Not too awful (and definitely not good) but it had its own special quirks. And the same Marilyn Monroe print in every room and every hall and every bathroom and every…. The website makes the place look soooo nice. Oh, and it wasn’t cheap either.

  2. candrasquire permalink
    May 6, 2009 9:33 am

    I checked out the Moderne site, they always make places look really awesome on the website! I figure in a place like nyc I can go as cheap as possible cause you don’t sit in your room but never again at the jane unless im a homeless person.

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