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Stop it Ladies

June 10, 2009

Why do ladies have to bitch and argue at work? Thank god I just have to work with mr chats himself-strauss and not some damn old catty hen. I walked into giant eagle this morning and all I hear while Im trying to pick out bagels at the bakery is this ladies giant ass mouth bitching about some other lady who was “just trying to get me in trouble”. I highly doubt anyone at the bakery is out to get you lady. Anytime when women work together there is bound to be the she did this she did that, I hate her but I will be really nice to her when she’s in front of me BS. There are a sweet select few of us cool ass broads that can work together but aside from that there should be a one women to a room deal. They are just too insane. If they could just punch each other and move on then it would be just fine. That’s the test to find out if you’re a cool ass broad or a fucking hen. If you can get mad at your girlfriend and just fight it out and then go get a coke you’re cool. If you sit next to each other and fake nice and then subject everyone else in the world to your bitching about it then you have to sit in a room alone all day with no other humans.

By the way, my sister accidentally deleted her facebook or got locked out of it somehow. Does anyone know how to contact a human at facebook?

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  1. June 11, 2009 9:43 am

    While dudes have not quite figured out basic etiquette (i.e. farting does NOT get funnier or more endearing each time it’s done), I have to agree that girls can be so stinkin’ catty– especially at work. But they can’t just punch each other and move on (that’s what a dude would do and be done with it). Instead they TALK about wanting to punch each other for five years, roll their eyes at you when you’re not looking, and pretend “nothing at all could possibly be wrong” when you call them out on it.

  2. Tosha permalink
    June 11, 2009 5:16 pm

    No clue about the facebook thing.. Can you really contact a human anywhere now days? HA.. Women suck. They really do!

  3. stephanie renner permalink
    June 12, 2009 9:36 am

    i would kill to work in a warehouse with men. bank tellers are the WORST! theres 2 here that talk bad about the head tellers 24-7, the head teller tries to make me dislike them when they arent here, and one of the 2 won’t speak to me for any reason if her life depended on in because she doesnt like me, but she doesnt have any reason of why. i just stare out the window until that blessed day i can walk out. which is in about 5 or 6 weeks1 yesssssss!

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