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Is anyone else’s head falling off?

September 9, 2009

So Salty not Sweet was Saturday and I was not happy with the turnout. Needless to say, no more craft shows on a holiday weekend. The next will be in April, bigger, better, and most likely with free wine. I am going to liquor the shit out of people, believe that.

I am insanely busy. All I really want to do is work on new greeting cards. I have 2 shows in November! and Made in 216! I need to revamp and rework the whole thing. Speaking of that, I can’t work on cards because I need to work on banners, and displays. Insert scream here. Not to mention I started working on Salty II the day after Salty I. I have created a Salty Team that will work together and bring many awesome to the show. Im excited. Now if the venue people would just call me back….

Also, why is there always someone who wants to bring you down? Thanks to Bill Squire and Tammy Howard for sticking up for me. I’ve had way more support than naysayers so I can’t really complain.

Listen dudes, I will get back to writing someday. I think about writing and I write about writing but one day there will be some ACTUAL writing. Until then, come read my writing at the shows in November.

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