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The Incredible Missing Persons Epidemic

September 22, 2009

People are going missing at an alarming rate everyday. One day they are texting you and the next day, vanished.

The  Parent People.

I’ve seen you on facebook and I’ve talked to you in the grocery store. The people that have kids and suddenly can’t seem to talk about anything else. Their whole lives turn into soccer and cheerleading and pta. I have kids and I usually love them but what about who you used to be? Was that person person killed on the instant the baby took its first breath? Remember things like talking to your friends and doing things you like to do?

To me it seems like why can’t you be a parent and be whoever the hell you are? It really weirds me out when I hear someone talk to a 7 year old like they are still a baby. It makes me fear for the future of individual capable adults and especially for men. There is a whole generation of boys raised only by their mothers and look now- they all wear eyeliner and their little sisters pants. Do the women of the future a favor and teach these boys that mommy has shit to do so he needs to learn how to fix things and take care of his own damn laundry.

Please tell me why, I really want to know why when the kids come in the non parent leaves immediately. Maybe there wasn’t anything in there to begin with. I guess I never thought of that.

Are some peoples whole lives leading up going to mommy and me yoga?

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