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I have no title.

January 11, 2011

I don’t write regularly anymore and I am going to try to change that. Inspiration comes from all kinds of places but mine usually comes from being around books. Today it comes from a fake writer on a tv show. I think if I spent more time in bookstores I would probably write more. Maybe that’s the key, go be one of those weirdos in starbucks at Barnes and Noble and write on a laptop.

Anyway Im thinking that I would finally like to start my story. Nothing extraordinary just stories of my life. maybe I’ll write them here one by one or maybe I’ll hide them all away from you all. Who the shit knows.

One thing I am working on like a crazy person is sending card samples out to stores. When people email me about wanting to be represented in my store I get back to them at some point. Unless you have the worst shit ever I’ll email you back. Why can’t people just email? It takes 3 seconds. “Your cards are a little too shitty for us.” One sentence, that’s all I need.

I will have an exciting announcement of a new store that picked up my line soon. It’s in Hollywood and it’s perfect for me.

That. is. all.

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