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June 14, 2012

In an effort to not take a trip to the DR with stomach pain i’ve decided to ditch the all american diet of wavy lays, onion dip, and snickers in favor of a whole foods only way of life. I made a mexican salad tonight, well i call it mexican cause it has black beans in it but i don’t even know if black beans are from mexico or not, anyway in order to save you from another god damn instagram of dinner im gonna put a picture here and tell you how to make it. also the picture is after i already started shoving it into my face hole.

first grab 2 ears of corn and roast them bitches. 350 degree for 25-30 mins with all its corn clothing still on. dump a can of black beans into a pot, add garlic, cilantro, and lime in there too. turn that on so it gets good and warm. chop up tomatos, bell peppers, garlic, lime, and cilantro and then let that hang out in a bowl together. cut up some avocado into chunks. grate some cheddar, i know that shit isn’t a whole food but im still having a couple tablespoons. shred up some romaine. put that romaine a big ass bowl. then put warm beans, warm corn you went ahead and cut off the cob, tomato mixture, avocado, and top with cheese. now eat that. mine was like 360 cals. also don’t forget to salt and pepper everything above- don’t be an idiot.

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