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All you need is love. (i really hope)

September 11, 2012

We always try to teach our kids lessons from our past mistakes- be nice to your siblings, go to college, don’t marry the first jerk that comes along, but somewhere along the way I think we forget to learn from others mistakes as well. 

I don’t know if there is some old saying that fits this or not but no one at the end of their life ever wished they worked more. When people are faced with something as final as death it always seems like their regrets always have to do with love. Life isn’t about what your job is, or how much money you have and I think we all say we know this but it’s always so easy to forget. We get so caught up in things that don’t matter that we lose sight of the people that do. When I find myself getting mad about whatever stupid thing I’m mad about I try to remind myself to pretend like this is my last day here and live like that. (It sure helps Bill get out of a lot of trouble.)

If you just can’t seem to think like that or get yourself back on track look at your reflection in the eyes of someone you love. That should do the trick.

(If not then you are a robot)

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