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Valentine shmalentines

February 14, 2014

There’s too much pressure to perform on Valentine’s Day like we are a bunch of god damn romance robots. Out of the blue my husband decided he’s going to be super romantic and sexy today and then he remembered that tomorrow is valentines so he chose today as our valentines celebration. Me? I thought we were going snow tubing tomorrow as planned in an effort to be pressure free.
Once you decide that a certain day must be romantic and the most special ever you’re already setting yourself up for disappointment. These days no matter how well you’re knocking it out of the park you think back to The Notebook and then you’re fucked.
So my man said some beautiful things to me this morning and then later sort of gave away that he was planning a valentines evening tonight and as happy as I was about it the pressure set in. You need an outfit, you need an under outfit, you need to say the perfect things and underneath all that you need to shave every mother fucking thing. It’s god damn winter and mama ain’t seen the light of day in a good long while. So this makes the pressure of the thing almost too much.
So after work I went on the hunt for some frilly underthings. All the while I felt like I should also be buying a fishing pole just to balance shit out. I mean I would have returned it later cause there is no way no how I’m fishing but you can’t just buy lady underpants and shaving cream without everyone knowing you’re actually a huge boy trying to impress someone on Valentines.
The whole time I was creeping around the underwear section I could just feel in my bones I was going to run into someone so of course I did. The girl
I ran into I don’t know well at all but we had some jokes and laughs and then real discussions about the task at hand and in the end she gave me a fantastic idea and pointed me in the right direction. (Thanks amber)
So I got home and not only did bill bring pizza but also a giant gift bag of things for me. I had no idea we were gifting each other and mother of shit he did so good. So in the giant hot pink gift bag (he totally learned how to gift from me) was fancy boot socks, Reece’s cups, 2 bottles of red wine cause come on, skin oil , a kick ass book, and a card. He not only bought a card but wrote something beautiful.
Needless to say the night was beautiful, I got a little cranky because of the pressure ( sorry babe I really do love and appreciate everything you did) and then I got to reflect, write, and watch parks and rec after while he slept.
In summary don’t put pressure on your day of romance today. Do something kind for your person without an expectation of anything in return and you can’t go wrong. If you don’t have a person currently just do something nice. Some small act of kindness to let someone know for right now in this moment someone cares makes that person feel important and amazing and then through making others happy, you can be happy.

For love to last it must evolve.
– W.S. Squire

This post is dedicated to my newly evolved and romantic husband who cries at the drop of a Lego and I’ve never loved him more than I do right now.

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