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November 1, 2014

Halloween is the one night of the year you can dress up and be anyone or anything you’ve ever dreamed of.  While I dressed up I still went as myself and it’s the first time lots of people saw that at once.  Normally when I would throw a party I’d stay sober long enough to make it super adorable and get people settled in and then I’d hang out with my good friend booze for awhile and then I’d be able to be social and seem like a normal albeit hammered girl. I’d have lots of conversations with lots of people but I’d rarely actually remember any of them. The real me has the worst social anxiety. I started having panic attacks the day before the party. I love to make a party I just don’t know how to BE at a party. I’m much more comfortable hiding somewhere as many of you saw last night. I know it comes off strange and that people probably think I’m weird or stand offish but I promise you I’m just a really awkward girl.

FullSizeRender (1)

That said, thank you all for coming and dressing up and having a great time! Judging by the looks of my house this morning TIMES WERE HAD! I hope no one is sore today from falling down the stairs. I saw plenty of that and I laughed every time as I, myself fell down those fuckers last Saturday.

Thanks to my co-host, partner in design, and the Sam to my Suzy Zachariah Durr.



Also thanks to Gwen, Adam, & Mickey for your help and you’re sweet decorations!

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