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in the immortal words of Kenny Powers

November 14, 2014

Yesterday fucking sucked.

I was at the shop yesterday up on a ladder in the front window starting my winter display when this guy walking by from the bus stop saw me and walked in. He didn’t even pretend he wasn’t a fucking creep he just walked right up and started rubbing on my legs saying come on let’s do something in the back. I kicked him away and told him to stop but of course he didn’t he just progressed to grabbing my ass. This went on for a  minute and he left, as I started to come down from the ladder to lock the door he just came back in so back up the ladder I went. I was afraid if I was on his level he could overpower me. I had to kick him away several more times before he pulled his dick out and started taunting me I guess, for a lack of a better description. All the while grabbing me and touching me while I was on the ladder. Luckily I had my phone and was able to tell Bill what was going on and he told me to call the police. At this point I dialed 911 and showed the dude the phone so he knew I was serious. He said he didn’t care and just kept on. While I was on the phone he became agitated and started hitting me and trying to pull me down but at that moment the boys from  Voodoo got a call from Bill and were coming to help. (thank you so much sean and eric) When he saw them coming he took off. I was still on the phone with the operator who was listening to the situation and me fighting this guy off and she says ok well you don’t need the police anymore then right?

I know it’s not the most serious thing to ever happen but it’s fucking scary. This is the second time something like this has happened to me here and I just wonder what’s going to happen next time.

I don’t think people fully realize how traumatizing something like this is unless you’ve been in the situation. To be invaded and violated and have your well being threatened is damaging. It just makes you think anyone can kill you at anytime and there’s really not much you can do to stop it. I think I’ve jumped every time I’ve been touched since yesterday. I’m bruised and sore physically but those will heal soon. Mentally, well, who can say?

Skip to the 13 second mark.

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