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The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go (-John Muir)

June 3, 2015

Last night I spent too little time considering the full moon. I have had too little time to do anything these days it seems running from one location to the next trying to put all those pieces back in place. I’ve barely spoken to any of my friends so if your feelings are hurt about that I’m sorry. It’s not personal, it’s just purely that I have a mountain to accomplish and I’m just one.

I am leaving this afternoon to pick up another week of my erratically lived life in Los Angeles. A trip that was planned a few months ago before knowing the shit storm that would be swirling around me now but will probably be the best thing I can do for myself.

I will be leaving this life behind me as much as I possibly can and just refocusing myself. I need to be in the mountains so I can let the thoughts settle and my breath slow.

There will be no answering of the phone or emails or texts.

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