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Fast Beat

June 23, 2015

When I was in LA a couple of weeks ago I went to the beach to think some thoughts and to give my Lake Erie beach glass offering to the sea. I wanted to climb to a high spot up in the rocks so instead of thinking or looking for an easier way I just waited for the tide to pull away while a new wave formed and jumped up. This is the way I do everything in life. I don’t walk cautiously. I jump and then find the footholds that will propel me to the next step, blindly believing that whatever I can climb into I can find a way out of, and so far I’ve never found anything I couldn’t conquer. Where there is a will there is a way. (Unless the WILL is actually a WELL and then you might actually be fucked if you’re trying to climb out of it)

As I started to get higher I realized I was getting nervous so I stopped and sat to look, and write, and be for a moment and that’s when I realized that when you take the time to stop you can actually see the world move. I sat on the rocky cliffs and the rocks came to life. Actually those rocks were shit tons of creepy ass crabs but still, nothing is ever as it seems. We get so caught up in the running of life that we forget to stop and observe. Humans aren’t the only beings with things to do and places to go. The bugs are creeping, and the animals are jamming around looking for food, birds are trying to find things to make their nests, the plants are growing, the rocks are rocking and the rolls are, well made of bread and should be what’s for dinner but the point is we aren’t the only things that matter here on this planet. We are part of the whole.

The tide was coming in so I had to keep climbing up to figure my way out and when I got to the top I saw that there had been an easier way down. This happens to me a lot. I’m not patient and I take off running before I know where a trail ends. I don’t think I’ll ever be a look before I leap type of girl. I like the way it feels to be in the moment of adventure not knowing what might happen. You can asses every route before you choose a path & risk stumbling over a rock or a crazy ass tree root jutting out of the ground but for me, I’d always rather follow the fast beat of my heart up a mountainside than take a populated, beaten down, gently winding path.


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