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It’s a boy!

July 8, 2015

It turns out that our little J is a boy. This is something that we have always known but we didn’t know if it was something that he would grow out of or if he was a lesbian or something else.  We remember when he just turned 5 and came downstairs saying I’m a dude! Just call me james! He’s always picked the boy toys, the boy costumes for Halloween, & the boy super hero underwear (until he could no longer fit into them and switched to the same ones as his dad) (also I’m sure he’d be real mad if he knew I was telling you about his underwear).

J superman

When people don’t understand I always explain it like for me, if i felt exactly as I do right now but everyone said I was a man and I had to dress and act like a man I would be miserable. Pretending every day and wearing a costume. That is no way to live. That’s why more that 50% of transgendered youth have had at LEAST 1 suicide attempt by their 20th birthday. Happiness comes from living your truth.

The kid has had a rough road so far & has lot’s of things stacked against him. The selective mutism makes it so it’s even harder to talk to people and make friends and now he’s got to deal with the challenges that come from being transgendered but once he told us how he felt and saw that it was ok and he didn’t have to suffer by pretending you could see some of the weight of the world lift off of him.

He’s about to be 13 so now he’s transitioning from the boy in the super hero shirts to mr cool guy hipster, it’s hilarious and fucking wonderful to see him excited to get up so he can get his hair just right and make sure he’s got the proper amount of cologne on to impress the ladies. Also this fool is walking around here talking about how sexy he is.

I don’t know where this kid gets his bravery and courage to just be himself and live his truth but I am so proud of him.


He took this after we went to H&M for some sweet clothes this weekend and clearly he loved it. Also he already lost the sunglasses.

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  1. amber permalink
    August 21, 2015 9:06 am

    I was in the shop on Wednesday, but had no idea how fucking cool or fantastic you were, or that the little amazing shop was YOURS! What an awesome life you lead, and how lucky I am to have gotten to visit while in Cleveland for a conference. What a great ally this young man has in you.

    Keep creating beautiful things, Candra, the world needs them.

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