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Love Deeply, Forgive Honestly, and Give Kindness Freely

August 28, 2015

I woke up this morning to two hateful emails. This has been happening the last couple of years from the same person spewing infected poisonous bullshit that is totally unwarranted. Generally I cannot stay quiet. I have replied sometimes reactively and then usually followed by a more thoughtful response. The truth is the only words that can hurt you are the ones that you believe are true about yourself and don’t like. The things the person used to say to me no longer have power so I am not quite as reactive in a defensve way. I thought we were cool and this was done in May when it happened last, so todays reaction was more of a what the fucking fuck man type of thing. It still feels like a sucker punch to wake up to such nasty violence for no reason.

It’s really hard for me to see someone in such obvious pain. The projections and holding on to the past are palpable and the anger is such a transparent mask. Sometimes I wonder if I am this persons best friend. Maybe the reaching out to me is because they know I will respond and I usually try to do it with compassion. (Even though they think “my zen like way of life is obnoxious”.)

I use this person as a lesson of what it looks like when you refuse to look into yourself and change the things that you don’t like. This is what happens when you refuse to learn and change and grow. You stand like a putrefying swamp repulsing anything that is real and true.

My advice for everyone (including myself) is to pay attention to words that sting, those stings are meant to grab your attention so you can release those beliefs. Stop telling yourself those little negative lies unless it’s something that is actually true and if it is, fix it man. Work through it and make it not true and then throw that shit away.

Love deeply, forgive honestly, and give kindness freely.

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