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In the way of Beauty

June 1, 2016

This year has felt mostly like climbing a mountain and falling down 3 switchbacks for every 1 I make it up. My pieces just haven’t been fitting back together. 

When a bone breaks we have a doctor reset it so that it may grow back together and you can be whole again but when a heart breaks no doctor on earth can heal you. You are left to figure it out and find your pieces, however the pieces have been scattered and blown by the wind to places you shared, houses you lived your lives together in and in memories held dear. Those pieces are beyond gathering. Those pieces you must leave behind because they no longer belong inside of you. 

You’ll now find yourself literally or figuratively sitting on a log above a fork in the river. One side runs fast and the other pools with only a small trickle making it out and on. You have to choose your own adventure. Do you wade around in a small pool doing laps almost surely to stay in that little pool until it completely dries and you’re stuck or do you thank those wild pieces of your heart for getting you this far and jump into the rapids to the next leg of your journey?

Put yourself in the way of beauty, the woods open to reveal a sandy beach along the river. 

Put yourself in the way of beauty, a whale breaches. 

Put yourself in the way of beauty, a rock is turned over to show that’s it’s actually a crystal. 

Put yourself in the way of beauty and let your heart be full and grateful. 

(Please excuse me if there are errors as I am quite literally writing this from a log above a fork in the river.)

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