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Lessons from the Lake of Erie

June 27, 2016

I beach glass the shit out of beach glass. Everyone who knows me knows this. Everyone who follows me on the instagram knows this. I LOVE BEACH GLASS. I think it’s because each pieces feels like a relic of times gone by. I do a lot of wondering about it. Who used this glass, where did it come from and how did it get here? A couple weeks ago I noticed that I was finding crystals on the beach. My beach that I’ve been going to for three years and I’ve never noticed any crystals. How the hell? In the time since I’ve starting finding the crystals I started to edit down my glass collection. Going through jar after jar and sorting. I’ve shipped some across the country to Oregon for my friends to spread on their beaches for people to find, i’ve recycled some and a lot I threw right back into Lake Erie so the bits and pieces can bring others as much joy as it’s brought to me. Finding glass is like finding treasures to weirdos like me so I know for sure it’s going into very loving hands.

Today while on my morning hunt (which last generally 3-4 hours because what else would I be doing at 6am?) I was down in the rocks in a position close to childs pose looking at the rocks towards the sun and thought it’s so funny how everything looks so much different depending on the light. Sometimes you pick up a clear piece only to be super excited later when you get it home and look to see that it’s actually purple. Sometimes you get shit pants excited that you just pulled a pink piece from the water but it’s really just a regular ass clear that was sitting on a pink rock.

Our lights are no different really. When our lights are bright we can see things more clearly but when they’re dark we see ourselves and others shrouded in the same shadow. You surround yourself with people you might think are gems but turn out to be just hardened cat turds and you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily because you can’t see the truth.

Have you ever driven by something all the time and then one day you notice something you’ve never seen before? It’s a small shift in perspective. I realized this morning that when I finally noticed the crystals on the beach it shifted my awareness to be able to see all the crystals. It changed the way I interacted with the beach. Most of my body is now in contact with the rocks, sand and water for the entire time I’m there (strangers must think I am a real KOOK). This tiny shift then dominoed into me letting go of my prized glass without even thinking about it and by letting go we invite new things in. This weekend I went to the river, sat down on the bank and looked across. I thought fuck it, I’m going to see if I can get across this to the beach on the other side, so I toddled through the water very carefully in flip flops and my giant back pack full of glass, candy, and of course books. When I got to the other side I realized it was the opening that I’ve seen where a creek runs out and the deer run in so of course I had to walk up that creek and find a place where no humans could be seen and I could do some figuring. By the time I left I was a new girl. Lighter, full of love and new direction. If you go into nature and don’t come back with any answers you’re doing it all wrong.

Here’s a PS lesson from the lake…

Don’t look too far ahead for the next piece of glass because you’ll miss what you’re already standing on.


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