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Start Where You Are

February 17, 2017

img_4388I am a huge sucker for journals. Blank ones, ones with prompts, ones you wreck, and ones with pages upon which to write. How anyone can figure out what they think without writing?

The first prompt in this book is:

List 5 things that always & immediately bring a smile to your face.

  1. Unlikely animal friends. Give me those dog & cheetahs and gorillas & kittens all day everyday.

  2. Scaring people or watching people get scared. I can’t take it. Even if it’s myself. J does this to me multiple times a week without even trying. Little bastard.

  3. Babies Laughing their asses off. I mean come on.

  4. Getting to the beach and seeing that I am the only one there. ALL THE TREASURES ARE MINE!

  5. Finding a water source on a hike. I will always stop to at least put my hands in it if I don’t just set up camp right there to read and write.

It’s harder than you think to list 5 things that always and immediately make you smile. First you start to think I should say my kids or my dog or my boyfriend but come on, ALWAYS? Hell no. Sometimes you come home to a messy ass house and a kid who gives no fucks about getting that cleaned up before you get home. That shit is not met with a smile. Or when you step in some cat puke before you see your actual cat first thing in the morning. Sorry cat, no smile for you. Or when your darling boyfriend comes home and he’s wonderful and happy to see you but you’re a cranky introverted asshole who is overdue on alone time, sorry sweet, no smiles here.

Cupcakes, surprise money, a waitress walking right toward you with something delicious for your face mouth in her hand, shelves and shelves of books, mountains, kittens doing ANYTHING, these are a few of my favorites things.


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