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February 27, 2017

Dedicate today to learning something new. Describe what you learned and how this experience made you feel. #startwhereyouare


The past few days I’ve been ripping apart the Salty Shop, shit is everywhere. It’s pretty much a tornado disaster zone. I’ve been buying some new fixtures and trying to reorganize and make space for all the pretty things. Most of the time spent doing this is me walking around the shop like a zombie looking at the space trying to figure out how to build new displays and most likely looking like a person who is about 2 inches from the edge. I’m still not done moving things around but at the end of the day I stopped and left the messes where they were because I needed to do some financials and business shit. Some months are better than others in any business but sometimes it feels so defeating. I just looked around at the place that I’ve built and all the shit that’s inside of it and thought fuck it I’ll just burn it down. I am thankful for my place and all the people that make it what it is but as I walked to my car I thought it must be really relaxing to have a regular job and know that you’re going to get paid at the end of the week and that if you fuck up you might get some kind of written notice saying you fucked up but you won’t have a shit storm of you*are*fucked sauce shower down upon you.

All day I thought about the prompt I needed to write about today and I just couldn’t figure this one out. I’ll come back to it, I am a master at jumping over the constant barrage of giant boulders life seems to always be rolling towards me. Towards all of us. It helps to remember that I think, everyone is currently navigating the rolling boulders so be kind. Unless someone says no this doesn’t put a hard inquiry on your credit report I swear, then you can say fuck your boulders hit the bricks asshole.

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  1. February 27, 2017 9:32 pm

    Your creativity and brave on the rocks attitude never ceases to amaze me.

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