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Hey Little Apple Blossom

March 12, 2017

The prompt says “Fill these tiger outlines with three of your biggest fears, then color them in until you can’t see the fear anymore.” #startwhereyouare

Fears and worries are different I think. I am not AFRAID of the future but the worries I have regarding it certainly keep me up at night. I have written about fear before. I think fear is a bully who manipulates you into standing still, to being at it’s mercy.

I wrote some of my actual fears. IMG_4633

The dark is a scary place. It’s unknown and monsters are known to lurk there, both the paranormal and human types. Plus how many times have you stubbed your god damn toes because there was no light?

Rapers. Under rapers the sub fears would be murderers, random attackers, robbers. I don’t want to be assaulted. Any time it’s dark outside and I have to go to my car I am on high alert. I have my stun gun out and my eyes and ears open. Everyone is a suspect.

Driving off a cliff while on a mountain road. Have you ever BEEN on a mountain road? That shit is scary. Twists and turns you can’t see coming and asshole drivers whipping around them like their car can just fly if it happens to fall off the road.


It’s pretty fitting that the marker I chose to write with could not be covered up by the other colors. You can run but you can’t hide. Some fears are healthy and they’re meant to keep us safe. Others, like the ones you see on the Maury Povich show, are ridiculous and meant to be overcome. Someone running away from pickles and kittens like those things can hold you down and gauge out your eyeballs needs some psychological help. I guess the trick is figuring out which are ok and which can be colored over for good.

“come and sit with me and talk awhile
let me see your pretty little smile
put your troubles in a little pile
and i will sort them out for you”

-The White Stripes

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