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March 12, 2008

The Drug Dealer

We met innocently, we were both working on a community Halloween haunted house. He was already graduated and living on his own and I was in high school so he was of great interest to me. I didn’t quite understand why people were always calling and stopping by. I honestly thought he was just a really cool guy everyone wanted to hang out with. Looking back at my high school days, I realize I had no idea people were doing drugs. I knew some kids smoked pot but that was it. So then the rumors started about my boyfriend and selling drugs. I don’t even think I asked him if it was true. I just didn’t think it could be true.
The end of our relationship was when I called his apartment and a detective answered.

Where is he now?
He is making sweet cash working for a major computer company with all his new computer skills learned in the big house.
We are friends to this day.

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