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i can’t tell you why (as sung by the eagles)

June 10, 2008

*dogs love to get in the garbage.
*people wear their collars up.
*i love chipotle.
*i laugh so hard when anyone either bites their own finger when they are trying to eat or falls down.
*i always tend to trade money for happiness. i will never pick the high paying job i hate or a man with cash, i value happiness for some crazy reason. i wish my brain knew that money = happiness.
*my kid sleeps like a man, any given day you will find her rolled up in her bed (which is littered with things like books and shoes) not using a pillow and wearing jeans and no shirt.
*Fallyn swears like a sailor or why it makes me laugh.
*i am a rambling man.
*my jugs look so good in a tank top.
*i like to drink dortmunder and cut the grass.
*people hate flushing public toilets.
*men love boobs.
*i do not know how to dress like a normal lady.
*i love those tiny pre fab houses. Once I ditch all my kids im heading for the hills.
*i know more about celebrities than politics.

I want to know all your i can’t tell you why’s.

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