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a little more of june

June 22, 2008

i think im using up my june wisely. Friday night I got roped into hanging out with the pregnant alcohol loving neighbor. Whilst hanging out we see her son running and she called him over. There was something sticking out of his belly button and we asked what it was. He said GUM. She said why is it there? He simply said, I didn’t have a table, and ran away.
Saturday we had a little lunch and Bills family came over with all the babies, and Hattie, Dan and the ladies. We had some lunch and I got to hold that little Spencer bean and it was good till it started to rain. Later than I night I went to Bills show and Jenny D came up and we had some tasty dinner and probably a couple bottles of wine. I mean, we laughed real hard. Im giving a special thanks to the dude in the corner (NO!)
It was a sweet summer solstice. I slept all the way home.
Today Bill and I went to the Tow Path to go on a bike ride. We came upon a sweet farm that was selling fresh produce and outside they were selling roasted corn and lemonade. We sat in wooden outdoor furniture and I thought how weird is it that this society has gotten so used to fast food, gas station hot dogs, chips and pop that coming across a farm selling fresh food and roasted corn as a snack would feel like such a novelty. That corn was so damn good. So after a snack of corn, peaches, green beans and lemonade we continued. 5 miles into the trip it started to rain so we headed back. It was thunderstorming and starting to rain harder. With 2 miles left to get back Bill takes off. I figured he would stop and wait for me before we had to cross a 4 lane road and then another 2 lane road. I get up to the road and see him on the other side disappearing into the woods. I tried to cross the road and it was raining really hard and I almost got hit. I got back on the trail and he was no where to be seen. I was alone in the woods with pouring rain riding around the place that looks like where they found the body of a girl who was left alone, raped, murdered, and left for the animals. I was so fucking mad. I was scared, wet, cold, and alone. Then I fell down because the trails started to flood. After that I didn’t know where I was because I couldn’t remember where we parked. Finally I figured it out and saw Bill standing by the car grinning like an idiot. I started screaming at him in the parking lot and threw my bike at him. I don’t know how you could just leave someone out in the woods like that. He said his legs hurt so he needed to get back so he wouldn’t have to walk his bike in the rain. I would have walked with him. I would never leave a friend alone in a thunderstorm in the woods alone. Sometimes that guy is a real piece of work.
After that the kids and I went to the mexican with strauss and made things out of our straw wrappers and laughed. It was mostly a nice weekend.

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