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i hope i remember

June 24, 2008

perceptions are really weird things. i know for sure i don’t know what people think of me and I think sometimes I think they think things that they probably don’t even think. you following this? do you think if everyone actually knew what other people thought they would change? I always think people don’t like me cause i don’t say a lot. i never feel like I have anything to say really, i guess thats because it’s all stored up in my head for some future blog. also im real sarcastic and i don’t know who gets it.
i wish people would dare to be happy. i wish more people understood that it’s not hopeless and they can get out. hopelessness sucks and i know, i’ve been there. thank god renner was the only one who actually saw it because it wasn’t pretty.
What do you think you’re going to remember when you’re older? It’s weird how things just fade away, things you think are so important at the time fade away and you completely lose them. Here are some things I hope I remember:
1. the smell of campfire
2. the way the Oregon coast looks early in the morning with fog rolling along the mountain sides.
3. how thinking about how much i really love my kids brings tears to my eyes.
4. how my stomach feels when im falling in love.
5. what my friends looked like when we were young and laughing.
6. how much a loaf of bread was.
7. how strong my dad was.
8. every kiss i had in a thunderstorm.
9. that everything was only meant to be temporary anyway.
10. how to wipe myself.

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