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man, do you guys remember camping?

June 29, 2008

So we set forth as a small convoy on Friday headed east to Cooks Forest in PA to have a camping adventure. We set up our camp and there was a tent and a canopy right next to each other with lines held down with stakes all over the place, it looked like we had set up booby traps just to watch people trip over them. Some of the hardest times I laughed this weekend was watching my kids and friends fall down all over. I mean, you know it got me too. J wandered out of her tent friday night in the pitch black and was coming over to us at the fire and one caught her right in the mouth. All we heard was mom im thirs____GAG, then fall. It was awesome. Then another time skylar came tearing ass down the corner tripped and went down hard. all I saw was hair flying forward.
The kids ran all over this wooded hillside and brought creatures like salamaders and frogs down to visit. It was gross. We had to shake them down like convicts before we left to make sure no one was packing any ‘mander on them to take home. When it rained we huddled under the canopy and drank our smuggled in illegal beers. we cooked tasty food and sat around the fire singing tv show theme songs. While we did this a raccoon came out of the woods and straight up chewed through a bag and ate a ton of food while we all sang 15 feet away. We didn’t know until we heard a noise like the cooler door closing. I guess he just grabbed a beer and hauled ass. I don’t blame him, it was good beer. There were many laughs and farts and sweet memories made.
To all my friends who shared this fine adventure with me, I leave you with this…
Streaks on the china, never mattered before, who cares.

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