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Where the hell is TGIF?

June 30, 2008

Listening to classic TV Theme songs over the weekend really got me thinking, whatever happened to the good shows?
Maybe they weren’t even good shows, but they’re the ones we watched when we were little because we didn’t have 65 nickelodeons and disney channels. Remember 227? I didn’t like that show but it didn’t stop me from watching it. What business does a little kid have watching Perfect Strangers, a show about 2 wacky men and their adventures. What about Golden Girls and Empty Nest, oh yeah, I watched those too.
here are some of the shows I watched…
1. Cosby. Can I just ask, why was their oldest daughter half white? I loved that show but the episodes I never liked were the ones where the kids would get together and make up a song and dance routine for their parents or grandparents. They always gave Rudy the part of the man with deep voice solo. Hilarious, we get it.
2. Who’s the Boss? you mean to tell me an ex baseball player can’t get some kind of other job besides man housekeeper? Also why did it take so long for them to admit they were in love? You know he was ta_danza_ing her the first night after a couple bottles of wine. I thought samantha micelli was the coolest.
3. Growing Pains- hello kirk cameron oh wait you’re married to jesus, hello leo dicaprio and welcome to the rest of my life.
I think every episode of this show maggie cried, oh jason and then some silly big hair bobbing and everything was ok again. My favorite part of this show (besides leo) was that mikes best friend was called boner. That’s just beautiful.
4. Family Ties – you know you sang along, sha na na na. alex p keaton was classic. you know what always bothered me though, those tiny ass juice glasses they were always drinking out of. i know they were hippies but they both worked, i know they could afford to give those kids some more damn juice. I hated when they brought andrew in. why do sitcoms always think they need to bring in some bratty little kid. I could have used a little more of mallory’s stupid boyfriend nick. YO.
5. Blossom – remember how unattractive she was and how confusing it was when they gave her that really cute boyfriend.
6. just the 10 of us – I loved this show because I like to see what girl talk was going on in their sweet attic bedroom.
7. Living Dolls – you don’t remember this show but it was a Who’s the Boss spin off starring Leah Remini about models living together in a house. halle berry was on it too. I think her name on the show was token black but im not sure.
8. Full House – come on ladies you all know you wanted DJ’s hair. It did get sweet there for awhile. I never thought the olsens were funny but i will tell you what danny tanner kicked my ass.
9. Family Matters- I hated this show but they trapped you in the middle of TGIF. what the hell ever happened to the little sister judy? i did like when urkel wouldn’t be urkel but would turn into STEPHAN URKELL. you know he was fine.
10. Golden Girls – what else was i doing on saturday night? i know for sure i will end up in a house somewhere with a bunch of ladies with kristie and randi starring as dorothy and sofia.

I know there were a ton more but I won’t go on. I just want to say I want some more gay family sitcoms. Our kids are getting robbed of the TGIF experience. I mean I watch Denise Richards as much as the next guy but come on writers let’s try to remember the 80’s and give us some more family situation.

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