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The Mickey Mouse T-Shirt

July 1, 2008

You know what I’m saying here. The lady who wears an old worn out Mickey Mouse T shirt that says 1986 on it, we all have seen this lady. Now, there may be some variations on this such as Tweety Bird or occasionally you might see one without the charater but instead having a snappy saying like “too hot for your boyfriend”. These ladies, god help them, I don’t know if they have had these shirts since ’86 or if they just snapped them up down at the army, salvation army. This species of lady is always pretty over weight, a smoker, huge boobs, bleach blonde hair with crazy black roots, real dirty flip flops, some kind of spandex shorts and they always want to make sex jokes. What can we do to save these ladies? Can we save them? Are they worth saving?
How do you become one of these ladies? Does it start off young? Should we ban all youth size cartoon character shirts? I never had any cartoon character shirts but what I did have was a tie dye shirt with a shiny glittery graphic on the front of 2 parrots and to go with said shirt I had 2 options either the neon pink spandex pants or the bright blue. I wore this outfit the very first day of 5th grade and I really thought that I was lookin sweet. I don’t know how some of us make it out alive and some go down the mickey mouse tshirt lady hole but all i have to say is thank the lord above i know longer own a shiny glittery tie dye parrot tshirt.

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