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just a bunch of horseassin

August 18, 2008

School starts next week and all the girls will finally be in school. It also means I have to go back to school which is horseshit. I keep getting kicked out of all the classes I want to take because I have a general bach major and no one will let me be in their stupid classes without permission. If I do have permission they say I have to wait until a week before classes to find out if im in. So now I am taking a creative writing class and a geography. Yeah, im going to be 30 in a geography class. It’s really fucking stupid. I don’t know where Im going with all the pointless garbage.
Some kid threatened Skylar today, saying that he was going to rape her and mess up her face. The kid is 10 and skylar is 9. I don’t know what kind of sick little bastard he is, but now im going to have to go to jail for ripping his heart out and making him eat it. We are going to day care tomorrow to see what they will do about it.
I can’t get rid of these headaches. They are hitting everyday and they just keep getting worse.
Someone keeps reading my #10 The Normal Guy entry on the 13 guys not to date list. I think I know who that is.
I want to be out in the desert.
I got really scared at work today. I don’t want to be there alone anymore.
I saw Vicky Christina Barcelona yesterday and I liked it.
Bill has a new show on Saturdays in Kent and Im going to be there Saturday so if you want to come let me know.
This is how my brain operates, see why it’s weird being me?

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