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August 27, 2008

I think my definition of a douchebag probably matches most peoples. Frat boy esque, popped collar, spikey hair, shell necklace or the guy that has graduated past this stage into adult dochebagness. Suits, still spikey hair and a really bad attitude that they can do no wrong and that they’re awesome. These guys are always with the skinniest blonde girls with a shit ton of make up. I think that’s because neither one of them can read to be honest. Anyway im wondering, who do these dudes think the douchebags are?
So all the school started Monday and it’s going ok. J loved Kindergarten so that makes me happy. She thinks she is all big now. I took pics that I will post when Im not all warm and cozy in my bed without the loudest cougher ever, bill squire. I GET IT. You have a cough, why do you have to make the loudest noise the human ear can process? god damn.
So one of my classes is Creative Writing which includes a large focus on poetry. god damn I hate poetry. I think poetry is fragmented and cryptic and meant as a private that the writer had to get out and onto paper so they could relax so for the love of god can we PLEASE stop fucking analyzing every god damn word!
im out.

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  1. jenandliz permalink
    September 9, 2008 12:31 am

    I think its really sweet your taking creative writing. I miss you a lot and youre funny ways

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