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September 15, 2008

So I went last week down to the ATL or HOTlanta, whatever you want to call it is fine with me. I went to help my friend Aimee (you all remember her right? She’s my army friend) because she had a little stinkin baby and her husband is away until Dec so I thought she could use some help. God knows she would never ask for it because she might be one of the most stubborn people ever born. So I got there last Saturday and I was greeted by Aimee, Braedon which I haven’t seen since 2004, and Reiley who is 2 and this was my first time meeting her. She is a mini aimee. She is really articulate and outspoken for a 2 year old which im sure her mother was as well and the kid can eat like a man. Most kids are picky and they don’t want to eat when they’re supposed to but not this kid man, if you don’t refill her plate fast enough you will hear MORE NOONALS PEASE (noodles please) rattling the rooftop. She repeats everything you say which is delightful when I hear her yelling at the weiner dogs- NO SHEEBAGS (no shitbags).

We dropped the kids off with Aimee’s parents and went to the hospital where I got to meet little laila butt for the first time. She was all wrapped up in the nicu with a feeding tube in her nose and a million other cords attached to her little body. She was born at 35 weeks and 2 days. She had a hard couple weeks but finally on Tuesday we took her home.

She is so tiny and has a head full of dark hair. I love her. She’s a super calm baby and noise does not seem to bother her.
Whilst hanging out with the Lesters & Dahl we had many laughs. Tuesday night aims and I probably watched a little 90210. We went to olive garden one night and thats when aimee had a cold hard reality check. She suddenly found herself seriously jamming to the olive garden jazzy music. She is no longer the cool kid, but she is now the crazy mom.
We all went to wal mart and braeden and I got into the old ass kicking game. I kick him, he tries to kick me but I catch his foot and he stumbles but keeps trying. At one point he bent down to tie his shoe and I kicked him in the ass and knocked him down. He got in trouble because he rolled into lailas stroller. Every man for himself brae, sorry dude.
We watched Baby Mama which made us laugh. I wasn’t expecting it to though. Then she made me watch the guardian with costner and kutcher. I mean it was cheesy but good at the same time. Everyone knows I love me some costner but damn the old kutcher gets the more beautiful he gets. Demi is no damn fool.
Do you guys have any of those friends in your life that no matter how much time passes that you don’t talk or see each other it doesn’t matter because when you do see each other or talk again everything falls right back into place?
Aimee inspires me everytime I see her. She is so strong. She is taking care of a newborn and the other kids all alone, not to mention the house, and the dogs, and everything else that has to be done everyday. She is one of my dearest friends and even though she makes me cry every god damn time we have to leave each other, I love her.

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