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little o this little o that

September 30, 2008

This is the song I heard when I started thinking about this blog…

fall is here, hear the yell
back to school, ring the bell
brand new shoes, walking blues
climb the fence, book and pens
i can tell that we are gonna be friends
-the white stripes

The air is blowing cool and I can smell the leaves turning. I dragged all my boxes out of the basement today all dusty and webby, just the way a halloween decoration should look. I have blacklights, skulls, and many severed parts dusting the tops of all my furniture. I swear to you, going through my halloween boxes makes me do the running man.
We’re going to the 7 floors of hell sat! Dang, I need a babysitter for that. Anyone? Anyone?
I’ve been cleaning my house like a mad person. I just feel the need to DECLUTTER. We want to move to a bigger place. It’s time.
I’m looking for a new chapstick, something light but tingles cause it’s working. If anyone knows of a good one, let me know.
So I had been putting off going to get a pap for a few years now and I finally made myself go. I found a new lady doctor and she did a great job. No pinching of my business with the speculum. I was having a growing worry that I had some kind of cervical cancer. I had no reason to think this, however I was quite certain I had it. The results came back.
No cancer. No nothing. All clear.
$9,274.88. That’s how much my ex husband owes us right now. He had a job and they got him for $176, oh guess what, now he has no job. As soon as they find him, he’s gone again. He is shacking up with some lady with a daughter who Im sure is fooled by all his lies and she is paying his bills. I feel bad for her.
Im celebrating my 30th birthday next month with a trip to Las Vegas with Renner. 30. My god time. As a kid I would hear adults say, time goes by so fast and would really think they were crazy. Turns out they may have been right.
So school is going. I don’t know where, but it is. Im in this creative writing class and the weird thing to me is that he gives you formulas of like how to write a poem. How to come up with the words and I think that’s bizarre because to me, if there are words that are supposed to come out, they run contantly back and forth in my mind until I finally stop what im doing to set them free in a blog. Im uncomfortable with a formulated poem. I don’t like writing on demand. That may be the reason for my blog content reduction.
I love the show House Hunters on HGTV but I HATE HATE HATE when the people go into a house and constantly complain about how small things are. What if they had to live in an apartment and not some $450,000 house in a great area. Shut the hell up. If I had a house that had a guest house, I bet you anything I’d want to live in the guest house.
The new 90210 is killing me with all the kids in it but damn it, Im hanging on for my dylan payday.
Speaking of TV,,,DEXTER! Man I love that show. I hate rita, she just gets more annoying but damn it’s gonna be good this season.
When the hell is Big Love coming back on? I love that show too.
I can’t believe Weeds went hence so fast but it seriously is one of the best written shows. Every season leaves you open mouthed shaking your head. That’s a good show.
Tonight J was getting a banana and she held it up to her ear and started talking like she was on the phone.
Skylar- an angel
Fallyn- Wednesday Addams
J- Joker

Im still thinking but so far either Angela Chase (my so called life)
or an alien trying to blend in with humans and fit into society.
Talk amongst yourselves.

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