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October 19, 2008

Friday Squire and company recorded their fancy new cd’s and it was a good time. Renner came out and helped me be the ticket lady. Jen came out the jakprints gang. We drank some beers, had some laughs, and made a few plans.
Saturday Bill and I took adderal and our big plan was to clean the hell out of the house whilst all souped up.
We cleaned the house, did laundry, squire watched the hell out of Deck the Halls (devito and broderick) and I did both my assignments for my classes this week. Oh yeah, but 1030 he was doing a show and I was asleep with marc summers from Unwrapped.
Today we went to the nature realm with my dad and I tried to take some nice pictures of the girls. That never works out so instead we fed altoids to the fish in the pond there.
Then I folded clothes and squire watched football. The good times keep rolling.
Basically, i got nothing to say.

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